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Issue #29 - 15/11/2010

The administration and the Board of Trustees of Levon and Sophia Hagopian Armenian College announce proudly the planting of the playground and the windows of the college with green shrubs.

In its attempt to create a healthy and an ideal environment, and as an initiative to increase the interest of the new generation in preserving nature, Levon and Sophia Hagopian Armenian College resorted to the municipality of Bourj Hammoud which responded positively to the proposal of the administration to plant the college with green shrubs. more

Shadowing Project

One of the main worries of the current century is preserving nature. States and non-official organizations are paying more and more attention to nature and to issues related to the environment so as to have a sound society in a sound community.

By keeping pace with the current challenges, Levon and Sophia Hagopian Armenian College devoted the first week of November to an essential problem, which is preserving nature, by creating a corresponding atmosphere and interest in the college. At the beginning of the month, by the proposal of the administration of the college and by the initiative of the municipality of Bourj Hammoud, beautiful green shrubs were planted in the playground and in front of the windows of the college. A group of students took the responsibility of taking care of these shrubs. The classrooms of the college, in their turn, devoted their bulletin boards to subjects related to nature and to the environment. more

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